As the routes are private, you will not find them via the RunGo search. The link to the RunGo group can be found in the race pack which was sent via email after you registered for the event.

Your race pack will include detailed instructions as well as a what3words location. We recommend you download the what3words app.

We welcome both walkers and runners to take on the challenge. It’s your challenge to complete at your pace. 

Our Summer Challenge runs from April 1st until 30th September. Our Winter Challenge runs from 1st October until 31st March.

No, you don’t need to do anything else, just wait for the postman! 

You will find the “Enter your Result” tab on the event page





We aim to send out all medals with 2 weeks of submitting your times.

Please contact us via email or DM and we will send a race pack to you via email.


Please email with details of the issue, along with the device your using and the software it is using (eg. iPhone, running ios14.1)

To get the best out of SixPack we recommend using the RunGo software to run the route and get familiar it with it using our turn by turn navigation.

NB. Please note this is answer is taken from the RunGo FAQ page.

Please check the following:

  • Audio works via speakers, without headphones

  • Close other apps that could be taking over the sounds. We support mixing sounds from other apps, some apps (such as games) will block sounds from other apps.

  • Check volume level on phone and in RunGo settings

  • Check that the volume is on for the phone, Apple Watch, or the paired device in the RunGo settings

Why doesn’t the audio work on Android?

RunGo uses the standard Google Text to Speech (TTS). On some Android devices, this may not be turned on. To view settings for speech synthesis, on your device, open Settings > Language and input > Speech > Text to speech output > Google text to speech engine.

When pressing Start, RunGo should always say something.

Other things that can affect voice feedback are:

  • Volume Level

  • Other non-standard apps taking over audio system (some 3rd party podcasting apps)

  • Audio coming from a different bluetooth device

If you get voice stats only this could be because

  • You are running without a Route, (use start button next to route)

  • You started to far away from the route start (sometimes this can cause problems)

  • You are off route, or running the wrong direction on the route


If there is a problem with a route please contact us at and we will ask our local organising team to review.

The core offing of SixPack is to discover our routes using turn-by-turn navigation. Some SixPack routes may have signage including start/finish and turn points. The inclusion of signage is down to agreements we have with local stakeholders.


We are working on new routes and locations all the time. Keep your eyes out on our social media or request your desired location on our home page. The more requests we get, the more likely we will get to you soon!