Peterborough SixPack


Discover and enjoy six rewarding scenic routes amidst Peterborough

The Summer Challenge is open

The deadline to complete the routes and submit evidence for the Summer challenge is the 30th September 2024

What is it?

We’ve created six beautiful and bespoke routes of varying distances.

Walk, jog or run. It’s up to you. Choose any route, at any time and in any order!

How Does it Work?

We provide you with bespoke turn-by-turn audio instructions as well as precise locations for the start and parking, ensuring safe and seamlessly smooth route navigation and outdoor discovery.

What Do I Need?

You will need a smartphone and these two apps: RunGo and what3words

You will also need a link to the SixPack location group which will be sent in your participant pack following your registration.

What Do I Get?

You will receive the following on signing up:

  • Six bespoke routes crafted by runners for runners
  • Access to each route, all with carefully customised turn-by-turn navigation
  • Access to an Interactive Leaderboard
  • Informative and easy-to-use instructions

On completion of all six routes you will receive a bespoke SixPack medal.

Choose from either the original SixPack Metal Medal or the Summer Challenge Wooden Medal.

The Routes


Waterside Wanderings 10K

Nene Park

Part of the Nene Park Trust, this stunning route explores the western side of the large country park, featuring the trails along the River Nene, around the main lakes, and across the magnificent stone Ferry Bridge.


Bluebell Boardwalk 7K

Ferry Meadows

Situated less than 3 miles east of the city centre, this large country park with varied landscapes, was established in the late 1970’s to provide somewhere beautiful, safe and unspoilt for residents to experience nature and the great outdoors. Our route explores the central area of meadows, lakes and woodlands. Special feature is the newish 750m Bluebell Boardwalk with non-slip decking along the river. You also run by the heron hide, houseboats and the Nene Valley railway, for added interest.


Urban Escape 7K


Tucked into the residential township towards the north of the city, this flat nature reserve is a tranquillity of green space with a picturesque lake and free of traffic. A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Highlight is the short underpass, which is cleverly painted with flora and fauna. The tree lined paths after the start and towards the end can inspire you to stride out.

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory 5K


Transformed from the old brick workings in the southern outskirts of the city, now a small country park with an abundance of wildlife, plants and lakes. A few little inclines and twist & turns from the past excavations make this an interesting route, coupled with circling around the deep fish filled brick pits, whose banks are lined with trees and reed beds. A gem of a countryside traffic free route to enjoy – you may even spot an otter!

Low Fen

Low Fen 7K


On the edge of The Fens, south of the city, this route is a hidden gem guiding you through a peaceful nature reserve 2.75 metres below sea level, the lowest land point in GB! You start by the famous Posts, one coming from the Crystal Palace in London, illustrating the sobering depth of peat shrinkage. The route guides you through forests of silver birch trees and by lakeside hides offering a peak into watery wildlife havens.

Special K

Special K 6K

Thorpe Meadows

Part of the Nene Park Trust Estate, this picturesque route explores the eastern area including the bouncy Weir Bridge, the Rowing Course and the Sculpture Park. The special feature allows you to get into your stride and race the rowers down the side of the 1K long rowing lake, or just watch them glide by!



Standard Price

Individual Entry
£ 22
  • Access to all routes
  • Bespoke Turn by Turn Navigation
  • Medal Reward

Group Booking

5 or more entires
£ 19
  • Acess to all routes
  • Bespoke Turn by Turn Navigation
  • Medal Reward
Best Price

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