Sheffield & Rotherham South SixPack

No Bother Rother

Discover and enjoy six rewarding scenic routes amidst Sheffield & Rotherham South.

The Summer Challenge is open

The deadline to complete the routes and submit evidence for the Summer challenge is the 30th September 2024

What is it?

We’ve created six beautiful and bespoke routes of varying distances.

Walk, jog or run. It’s up to you. Choose any route, at any time and in any order!

How Does it Work?

We provide you with bespoke turn-by-turn audio instructions as well as precise locations for the start and parking, ensuring safe and seamlessly smooth route navigation and outdoor discovery.

What Do I Need?

You will need a smartphone and these two apps: RunGo and what3words

You will also need a link to the SixPack location group which will be sent in your participant pack following your registration.

What Do I Get?

You will receive the following on signing up:

  • Six bespoke routes crafted by runners for runners
  • Access to each route, all with carefully customised turn-by-turn navigation
  • Access to an Interactive Leaderboard
  • Informative and easy-to-use instructions

On completion of all six routes you will receive a bespoke SixPack medal. Choose from either the original SixPack Metal Medal or the Summer Challenge Wooden Medal.

The Routes

Life and limb

Life & Limb 6K

Ecclesall Woods Discovery Centre.

Ecclesall Woods is the largest ancient semi-natural woodland in South Yorkshire and home to a delightful woodland exploration. The route title was inspired by the gentle Limb Brook that vies for your early attention along mostly excellent paths beneath the beautiful forest canopy. This route offers a beautiful run amidst babbling brooks and rustling leaves but it also offers a fairly tough undulating challenge.

Forge Ahead

Forge Ahead 6K

Bingham Park

The Porter Brook Trail offers up a truly gorgeous sliver of wonderous woodland, babbling brooks and heritage. The first half is gently uphill throughout, but in a comfortable manner that will allow you to take in the verdant surrounds. Heading up and past the recently renovated Forge Dam area, we turn you back along a parallel trail where both you and nature will be able to flow together. Serene scenes aplenty!  

Kicking up a Stink

Kicking up a Stink 5K

Shirebrook Valley Nature Reserve

Good news. The location of this lovely route is no longer home to the Coisley Hill Sewage Works! Designated a local nature reserve in 1999, the whole area is criss-crossed with paths and wonderful running trails. Full of variety and with some waterside sections and some good views, this is one you’ll love. As you finish, we say, enjoy the sweet smell of success.    

Carbon Positive

Carbon Positive 8K

Waverley Lakes and Park

Once home to the famous, Orgreave coal mining site, Waverley Lakes is a transformative regeneration project that now offers you a rewarding trail running experience. The route has two distinct sections, either side of the River Rother. Lakeside vistas are never far away and plenty of sections that will get you into your rhythm. 

Seldom Seen

Seldom Seen 6K

Ford Wheel Dam Car Park

To the south of Sheffield and in the heart of the Moss Valley, this route has fishing lakes, stunning woodland trails, grassy open fields, a local pub and the beautiful River Moss. It is also home to the Seldom Seen 15-metre-high Engine House, a scheduled ancient monument. Possibly named because of its concealed location, others suggest it was haunted, but the ghost was seldom seen! Don’t miss it as the building seems to appear from nowhere. 

No Bother

No Bother Rother 10K

Rother Valley Country Park

Our 10K SixPack route has it all. This route offers meandering trails within lovely woodland, shimmering lakeside vistas and even a step back into history along a disused railway line. A rather challenging hill rewards you with panoramic views across the lake and nature reserve. Oh, there’s also a couple of on-site cafés to visit too. It’s the longest route of your challenge, but no bother at all.   



Standard Price

Individual Entry
£ 22
  • Access to all routes
  • Bespoke Turn by Turn Navigation
  • Medal Reward

Group Booking

5 or more entires
£ 19
  • Acess to all routes
  • Bespoke Turn by Turn Navigation
  • Medal Reward
Best Price

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