Your pace, your time, your SixPack Challenge

Welcome to our new and unique format: The SixPack Challenge

The SixPack Marathon Challenge comprises six bespoke multi-terrain routes in your chosen area from 4k – 11 and when completed, add up to the full marathon distance of 42+ kilometres or 26.2 miles.

SixPack was designed to fill the gap between lockdown and beyond ensuring an imaginative, healthy and sporting legacy for all to enjoy in and around your selected location.

For each of our locations, we have created six awesome routes offering a stunning variety of terrain, trail and distance.

Your entry into each SixPack Challenge includes exclusive access to all six routes, turn-by-turn GPS instruction with an audio guide and a striking medal. Whether you choose to walk, jog or run, you have the freedom to complete the routes in whatever sequence you choose and whenever you want.

Your pace, your time, your SixPack Challenge!

“It’s such a beautiful set of trail runs, that cover so much history.”

Happy SixPacker

“We have loved these runs, each one different and it’s so nice running and not actually knowing where you’re going!”

Happy SixPacker